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Essential Vitamins for Healthy Skin.

fgsdn / October 7, 2017

Your face is your window to the world and what people remember you by even if they do not know your name. One of the important aspects of facial beauty is the quality of your skin. And the quality of your skin in general speaks volumes about your health too! Poor health is easily reflected by inferior skin quality and so, it is often not enough to beautify your skin externally. Skin nourishment is only possible if you provide your body with the right vitamins. In case you are surprised, you surely need to keep reading.

Vitamins are not only necessary for physiological well-being, but can also help you enhance your appearance. Do you know the following facts about skin and vitamins?

  • Lack of proper vitamins can make your skin look dull and lifeless.
  • Ingesting vitamins is as important as nourishing your skin topically.
  • Proper nutrition is the best way to ensure a healthy skin texture and tone.
  • More and more skin care products are making vitamins an integral ingredient.
  • Most people are ignorant about the role vitamins play in ensuring healthy skin.

So, the key is to nourish your skin with vitamins- through both proper diet and beauty products which contain only beneficial constituents. Here is a brief look at the four essential vitamins which can work together to make you skin look better than ever before:

  • Vitamin A protects your skin from damage caused by exposure to pollutants by strengthening the protective tissue. It is also a vital aid against acne, because it inhibits the action of your sebaceous glands and controls the production of sebum. Less sebum means lower chances of having acne. It also repairs tissue that makes up your mucous membrane. Vitamin A is powerful antioxidant which reduces free radicals and flushes out harmful toxins from your body, thus slowing down the aging process and preventing wrinkles from showing up.
  • Vitamin B complex which helps to maintain healthy tone and also fights acne. Sometimes if you are under stress, it shows on your face because your skin suffers. This vitamin helps you reduce signs of anxiety and stress by improving circulation and metabolism. It also strengthens your immune system and helps you produce more antibodies than ever before. These antibodies help you cope with diseases better and enhance the rate of recovery.
  • Vitamin C benefits your skin by acting as a collagen stabilizer. This helps in easier ‘repair and recovery’ for skin cells, especially in case of wounds. In fact if you lack this vitamin, you may find that even scratches take a long time to heal. If you apply this vitamin topically, you can look forward to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. And in case your skin has been sun burnt, vitamin C can help you get your natural complexion back quickly.
  • Vitamin E is included in many beauty products because it helps reduce roughness and makes skin softer and moisturized. It is also an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Hopefully this information about vitamins will help you get healthy and good looking skin like never before. All the best!

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